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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Meet the players.

I thought it might be time to introduce the main people in my life, at least in regards to this whole running/swimming/biking/oh-my-god-you're doing-what?!? thing. This is by no means everyone, but it's a start.


Meet my husband. We met about the same time we started college, and have been married five and a half years now. He's unbelievable supportive of this whole venture, and has even done a sprint tri himself. He works for an ad agency and is starting a running team there for the local mini-marathon that's part of the Kentucky Derby Festival next spring.


Debi is awesome. She's my main training partner these days, as my others are pretty much only runners. She's a mother of five. She managed to convince me that I can actually survive the Ironman, and pointed out that I would be kicking myself if she did the race and I didn't. She gets me to do a lot of races that way.Ben refers to her as my enabler. I think that's pretty accurate. Also, as a side note, her nickname is Princess, but not for why you would think. When she runs, she holds her arms and hands in a way that remind me of the princess from Super Mario Bros 2. And to be fair, my nickname is T-Rex, because as I get tired when I run, my arms come up like one.


Before there was Debi, there was Tammy. (nickname: Crazy Legs) She and I have run together almost every Thursday after work for about 4 years. She is fast. She is small. She ran the Boston Marathon this spring, and has re-qualified. She can stick to a training plan like no other. And she just got a PR at the Portland Marathon last weekend.


I've know Sara since high school. She took the photos of my wedding. I was a bridesmaid in hers. She is now Dr. Sara, and is doing her residency in pediatrics. She is also the person who got me to lace up a pair of running shoes for the first time. She decided to train for the above mentioned mini-marathon, and asked me if I wanted to do it with her. I said no, but I'd do the 10k that was part of the race series. I did the 10k, and then did the 10 miler, and lo and behold, I did the damn mini-marathon. I nearly blacked out afterward at breakfast, but I finished. Sara doesn't know it yet, but she's going to some of my run training with me for Ironman.

Dr. J

He's my doctor (duh). I'll go into what's wrong with me at a later date, but he's the person who keeps me healthy. I have to go see him rather often for someone who on the outside seems very healthy, but that's okay. I have a condition that was kinda hard to diagnose, and a pain to manage.

Now, that's just a few. There are a lot more (like my family, for starters), but these are the ones I'm most likely to write about.

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