swim, bike, run, repeat.

Monday, June 9, 2008

More random crap

- Since I've stopped dyeing my  hair (with all the swimming, what's the point?), I now realize that I have a lot more grey hairs than I thought.

- There have been times when I have stopped eating not because I was no longer hungry, but because I have run out of food.

- While I may wake up in the middle of the night because I am hungry, I refuse to get out of bed to eat.

- I am living in a constant state of dehydration, or so my urine would have me believe. That, and one beer makes me stupid.

- My feet are even uglier than previously thought.

- I go through a can of (spray) sunscreen in a week. And my tan lines are getting even more interesting.

- I can't seem to get the chlorine out of my hair, though the L'oreal kids' shampoo helps.

- I have decided that my arm hair has to go.

- While I own several name brand swimsuits (Nike, Speedo, TYR, Finis), my favorite practice suit cost $6.48 on clearance at Target.

- I have new googles that are supposed to help me keep my head down while I swim.

- My new saddle rocks.