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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Don't go down Piercy Mill Road.

Seriously. Especially if you are on a bike. Debi created a route for us to ride that had me (since somehow I had gotten into the lead) turning first right onto this ...slope. I can't even call it a hill. As soon as I turned, I realized just how steep this road was, and I tried to yell a warning to Debi, but then just started screaming "Holy shit!" over and over. This road was narrow. This road was bumpy. If there had been a car coming, I would have been toast, because it was all that I could do to keep my bike under any semblance of control. I was braking so had that I had a brief thought that I might burn through all of my brakes. And when I finally get to the bottom and wait for my buddy to walk her bike down, we realize that the bridge that she saw on the map that would take us over to Beckley Station apparently has not yet been built.

Sometimes I think Debi may be trying to kill me.

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Debi said...

I'm so not trying to kill you - who would I do my training with if you died?