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Friday, August 22, 2008


As the race gets closer (eek!), I've been making an attempt to go to bed earlier. While I am sleeping more, I still tend to wake up six or eight times a night, and am having really bizarre dreams...

I had a dream the other night that I was on the US Olympic swim team as a back up. Not an alternate, but a back up, as in, I could have stepped in and swum for anyone, men included. The whole team roomed together in a barracks style room, and we each had a twin bed, but Michael Phelps was too tall for his, so he was not comfortable. (on a side note, Michael Phelps is magic. And ripped. I kinda want to climb him like a tree)

Last night I had a dream that someone rang my doorbell at midnight, so I hid, then it rang again at 6am, so I got my gun (which in real life, I do not have), took the safety off (which I wouldn't know how to do), and answered the door. It was my co-worker and her husband, and I tried to explain why I pulled a gun on them, as they were not the same people who rang the bell at midnight.

I fully expect the dreams just to keep getting more surreal - aliens, maybe?

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