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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Look or SPD?

I'm asking for opinions: do you prefer Look of SPD? Right now, I'm wearing a pair of Lake road shoes that are SPD. When it gets warmer, I'm going to switch to a pair of Sidi tri shoes, and was considering switching over to Look pedals. Is there any advantage? I'm quite pleased with the SPDs, and I tend to stick with whatever I use the first time (case in point: I'm still riding with the same saddle that came with my bike), but I have a pair of Look pedals and was curious.


Brian Blackwell said...

The look pedals will give you a larger platform between the bike and foot. This distributes the forces between the foot and pedal(bike) better. No hot spot in the middle of the foot on long rides.

The disadvantage is the single sided pedal entry. Some people, myself included have a difficult time clipping into Look pedals. I've had people push me from a stop sign so I could get clipped in. Last time I used Look pedals. I use speedplay x-series pedals.

I my choice was SPD or Look, I would choose Look.

Dan said...

I'm a Look guy, since my first clipless pedal in the 80's sometime. Like Brian said, I like the larger platform, though I've never tried an SPD road cleat, only SPD mt bike stuff.
Good luck in your training.

Anonymous said...

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