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Thursday, February 21, 2008


Since I'm pretty convinced I have a cold (that, or I like to swab my nose with zinc for fun) and the weather has taken to sending ice from the sky, I'm stuck inside tonight. I was supposed to have a swim workout,  but was going to do my long run instead since we got sent home early from work, and running on ice with my weird strap on spike thingies is fun to me (and I was pretty sure the Hikes Point Rapist would be staying inside out of the weather). But, alas, my sore throat that I thought was from post-nasal drip from getting water up my nose yesterday morning was actually just a sign of my impending cold.


Tomorrow morning, I've got the longest trainer workout (2.5 hours! I will have no feeling in my nether regions!) followed by a short, short little run. I plan on watching last year's Kona race that I recorded the other day. I know, such grand plans, you must be jealous.

20080217 - kellytrain - 02 20080217 - kellytrain - 04

If you look closely, you can almost see straight down the front of my shirt in the first one. And don't I look stylish? (these were taken while I did my previous-longest trainer ride of 2 hours) These don't really do justice to the way I sweat.

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Debi said...

your hardwood floors look nice & shiny - very pretty!