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Monday, September 3, 2007

And so it begins

Today, Ben and I participated in the Mayor's Hike & Bike, and I decided to wear the Louisville Ironman jersey that he bought me. I had several people yell out their congratulations, and then I had to explain that no, I hadn't done it, my husband had bought it for me to keep me motivated, blah blah blah. Shallow or not, it did make me feel good that people thought I actually *could* have done it (though if I had, I probably still wouldn't be able to walk right, much less ride a bike). So, after much debating, I took the plunge. I came home, and without even changing out of my stinky, sweaty riding clothes, I signed up for Ironman Louisville 2008. Yippee! I had a brief moment of holy crap, what the hell did I just do?, but I'm okay now.

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Mary Sunshine said...

Congratulations on your decision! You can do it!

Do the training, enjoy the journey! It's gonna be a BLAST!